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Help needed related to

first post: swati6783 wrote: Hey, this is a very nice work. I am new to python, though I code i...

latest post: swati6783 wrote: Thanks Ivan, It worked :-) Swati

CSB now available in Debian sid

first post: tdido wrote: You can see the packages here:

latest post: kalev wrote: Nice job, many thanks!

Debian repositories?

first post: tdido wrote: Hello fellas. Have you given any thoughts to adding your library t...

latest post: tdido wrote: Greeting, friends. Just a quick update about the Debian packaging ...

Extracting ligands

first post: tdido wrote: Greets, guys. I'm looking at ways to extract the ligands from a PD...

latest post: tdido wrote: Right, I see. Well, no bother, I'll work around it for now and mayb...

Structure resolution

first post: tdido wrote: For what I've seen in the API, there's no way to get a PDB structu...

latest post: tdido wrote: Certainly! I'll create an issue and attach the files. This in the h...

Populating secondary structure in a chain and its residues from a DSSP file

first post: tdido wrote: Greetings, all. I've come this far in my attempt at populating sec...

latest post: tdido wrote: Ah, that was easy. Thanks!

DSSPParser.parse() using strings as keys for the returned dictionary

first post: tdido wrote: Currently, the parse() method of DSSPParser uses string object for...

latest post: tdido wrote: Right, that explains it. Thanks!

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