CSB is a python framework for building applications in the domain of structural bioinformatics. Here you will find the most recent source code, official releases and documentation of the project. This is also the right place to get in touch with the developers, suggest a feature or report an issue in our bug tracker.


With our API you can:
  • read, manipulate and write protein structures, sequences, alignments, HMMs and more
  • evaluate probability density functions and sample from probability distributions
  • draw charts
  • run or reuse components from a number of pre-installed applications


CSB comes with detailed offline API documentation, which comes with every release package (directory docs). For getting started, try reading our Documentation and Tutorials.


CSB runs on any platform, but requires a sane python interpreter: python 2.6 or higher / 3.1 or higher. If you already have pip installed on your system, you can download the requirements file and install the latest release with pip:

$ pip install csb -r requirements.txt

Get the requirements file from here.

Alternatively, you can get the latest stable release from Downloads or PyPi and perform a routine manual Installation.

Batteries Included

CSB is bundled with a number of executable console csb.apps. Each app provides a standard command line interface. To run any app, try:

$ python csb/apps/app.py --help

where app is the name of the application. For more details on our application framework, including guidelines for writing your own applications, please refer to the API docs in the release package, namespace csb.apps.


This project is developed by Michael Habeck's Computational Structural Biology research group, Tuebingen, Germany.
To get in touch with us, start a new discussion or contact the coordinators.


CSB: a Python framework for structural bioinformatics.
Ivan Kalev, Martin Mechelke, Klaus O. Kopec, Thomas Holder, Simeon Carstens and Michael Habeck.
Bioinformatics. 2012

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