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System Requirements

CSB is distributed as a pure python package, which renders it cross-platform. Installation is therefore a very trivial task. The source code is also kept compatible across python versions, so we guarantee that every official release package will work on both python 2 and 3 without any change. We test all nightly builds against python versions 2.7 and 3.2, but technically CSB supports python 2.6 and all subsequent versions except probably 3.0.

Quick Installation

If your system is equipped with easy_install / pip, download the requirements.txt file for python 2.6 or newer versions and run:

$ pip install csb -r requirements.txt

We still recommend the standard method, which is also fairly simple.

Standard Installation


CSB depends on 2 very well-known and readily available python packages:
  • numpy -- required (
  • scipy -- required (
  • matplotlib and wxPython -- optional, needed only if you want to use
On python 2.6 you will need these two as well:
  • unittest2
  • argparse
both of which are standard, simple and available for download from PyPi.

To check whether any of the above packages are already installed on your system, try:

$ python
>>> import numpy
>>> import scipy
>>> import matplotlib
>>> from unittest import skip, skipIf
>>> import argparse

ImportError means the package is not installed.

Install dependencies on Windows:

  1. download numpy, scipy and optionally matplotlib
  2. run the downloaded exe/msi packages and follow the steps
  3. on python 2.6 also download unittest2 and argparse
  4. unpack each of those and run:
> python2.6 install  

Now proceed with the installation of CSB.

Install dependencies on unix-like systems:

  1. use your package manager to install numpy, scipy and optionally matplotlib; for example on Debian/Ubuntu:
$ sudo apt-get install python-numpy
$ sudo apt-get install python-scipy
$ sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib

  1. on python 2.6 also download unittest2 and argparse
  2. unpack each of those and run:
$ sudo python2.6 install  

Now proceed with the installation of CSB.

Install CSB

We are now ready to install CSB itself:
  1. download and unpack the latest release
  2. run with administrator privileges:
$ python install    

CSB is now installed at your site-packages.


Running the CSB test suite may be useful in order to check if your installation works. All CSB tests are executed with the csb.test.Console. A typical way to run the console is:

$ python csb/test/ "csb.test.cases.*"

or just:

$ python csb/test/         

For help try:

$ python csb/test/ -h    

For more details on our test framework, including guidelines for writing
unit test, please refer to the API documentation, package csb.test.

API Documentation

CSB comes with API docs in HTML format. Simply navigate to the docs/api folder in the release package and open index.html with any web browser. Note that the docs are not installed, so you need to keep your own copy.

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